For over 16 years, Dyna-Fix Commercial have been designing, manufacturing and installing various internal and external glass façade solutions for Tier 1 and Tier 2 Contractors.

As a leading glazier of choice, Dyna-Fix Commercial have a broad set of proven capabilities as outlined below;

Engineered Glass Facades, Glass awnings and podium work

One of the most exciting sectors of our work is enabling our design team to collaborate with our clients for the best outcome of the project.  This especially applies to our frameless glass solutions and integrated framing systems. Installation often requires the use of cranes, mechanical lifting equipment and meticulous planning of resources to ensure a successful outcome. Dyna-Fix Commercial will always have a dedicated Project Manager and Site Supervisor to allow the installers to complete the project on time.


Commercial aluminium projects are the majority of Dyna-Fix Commercial’s work. We offer both local and overseas manufacture and supply, depending on the size and the façade program for the project. Our state-of-the-art CNC machinery allows us to adapt to different project requirements. We can offer flexibility in regard to the design and limitless opportunities on scope, size, style and technologies allowing us to supply and install a broad range of aluminium systems for our clients projects.


Dyna-Fix Commercial engage in high end residential projects and multi storey residential projects only. Our projects are predominantly design and construct (D&C) projects where we work closely with our clients to find solutions around any type of design restrictions. We value engineer and add value back to the project in a unique and collaborative way.