At Dynafix Group, we’re continually looking at ways to provide added value to our clients. And with the addition of our latest business venture: Dynaclad, we’re excited we can now offer a complete building envelope with our commercial cladding services.

Our experience as specialist façade contractors has given us a deep understanding of what materials and products provide the look and finish clients are needing. Our knowledge and skills are now available to complete the design, interface and construction of the entire building façade with our range of quality aluminium panels, interlocking systems and cladding solutions.

All Dynaclad products are sourced from local and overseas suppliers, and carefully selected to withstand the harsh Australian environment. Locally fabricated and available in a wide range of colours, textures and contemporary finish options, our façade solutions are also:

  • Non-combustible
  • Low maintenance
  • Safe and durable
  • Designed to resist corrosion and rust
  • Available in standard and custom sizes.
  • Meet the Australian standards for recladding replacements for non-compliant projects.


As Director, Dan Kordiak explains:

“For clients choosing Dynafix Commercial and Dynaclad for their next project, the simplicity of using one contractor helps mitigate a number of risks.
Design compliance and waterproofing is assured as all connection details are the responsibility of one contractor. As the products are all locally manufactured, costs are more accurate without fluctuating shipping prices. Extended lead times are no longer an issue. And resourcing through a single point of contact means the project can also be scheduled to run concurrently to meet the program.”

Early adopters of Dynaclad include:

  • The George Centre, Camden: Dynaclad are supplying and installing the 3mm solid aluminium sheet cassette system and Proclad linear plank system.
  • Cricket NSW: where we are supplying and installing 3mm solid aluminium sheet and Equitone CFC wall cladding.
  • Cessnock Jail: who are using a CFC solid colour through sheet integrated with a Dynafix window system.
  • The Cambridge Hotel, Surry Hills: who have chosen Dynaclad to supply and install 3mm solid aluminium cassette system and custom metal awnings.

For more information on how Dynaclad can transform your next project, contact us.