Dynafix Commercial supporting our team and community

In light of the recent devastating fires in Australia, we wish to acknowledge the courage and selfless work by all of those involved in savings lives, homes and animals. In particular we offer sincere thanks to John Russell, Project Manager Dynafix Commercial and volunteer NSW Rural Fire Fighter.

Over the past 3 years, John has been an executive member of the Raymond Terrace Rural Fire Service, acting as Treasurer of his brigade. John is highly regarded amongst his team of over 30 active members due to his leadership and dedication as a volunteer. Over the winter months John volunteers some 8 hours a week and in recent weeks it has been up to 60-70 hours per week.

John joined the RFS as he is passionate about supporting his local community. The work involves not only fighting fires but it also includes educating the community to prepare for the fire season and is often the first on site at car accidents, ensuring no vehicles catch on fire and to protect those at the scene. 

John describes, ‘more recently it has been heartbreaking to see such loss firsthand, however my volunteer experiences have also been very rewarding, at times we are saving lives and property and the local community are so very grateful.’

‘I joined Dynafix Commercial as the culture is one of trust, respect and honesty. My local community together with my family is very important to me and Dan ensures I have the flexibility to manage my responsibilities at Dynafix and my role at the NSW RFS.’

Dynafix Commercial wishes to thank John for his commitment to his community as a volunteer NSW Rural Fire Fighter and we are pleased to offer him support, giving him the platform to do what he loves.

Should you wish to donate, John’s charities of choice includes:

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